Psychograss: Now Hear This Review

Chicago Tribune Review
By David Royko
Psychograss - Now Hear This 2005
Adventure Music America (#1017 2)
Chicago Tribune, 12/11/05

Tunes: Ham, Look What the Dog Brought Home, Looks Like A Duck, In the Lion's Den, One Foot in the Gutter, Road to Hope, Stroll of the Mudbug, Scary, Little Bases, Not, Yet Not

CHICAGO TRIBUNE & Entertainment Sunday, December 11, 2005

THE YEAR'S BEST: RECORDINGS Our Writers' Top Albums by Genre BLUEGRASS PAST MEETS FUTURE IN BALANCING ACT By David Royko Special to the Tribune.

The Bluegrass music world owes much of its vitality to the musical diversity of its practitioners and their collective comfort (and occasional discomfort) with maintaining the traditions of the past while forging ahead into innovative territory. These are some particularly exciting recordings that, together, exemplify the music's balancing of the past with the future. 3. Psychograss: Now Hear This (Adventure Music America) The only problem with Psychograss is that these guys don't record more often. This quintet is responsible for some of the finest New Acoustic Music (the progressive, instrumental branch of the bluegrass tree) of the past decade, yet this is only their third release. Now Hear This proves once again that, when it comes to creating music that is simultaneously complex and challenging yet accessible and instantly appealing, Psychograss satisfies.