Ways Of The World: CD
  • Ways Of The World: CD
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  1. Ways Of The World - vocal w/ Andrea Zonn
  2. The Curmudgeon's Gait
  3. Dust Bowl Dream - vocal w/ Tim O'Brien
  4. Farewell to Redboots
  5. She's Gone - vocal w/ Shad Cobb & Mike Compton
  6. Everybody Loves Crazy/ Til Crazy Loves You
  7. Billy in the Lowground
  8. Dead Flowers - vocal w/ Shad Cobb
  9. Waiting on Daddy's Money
  10. Crossing Salt Creek/ Salt Creek
  11. She Came from the Mountains - vocal w/ Maura O'Connell
  12. Let's Think Why

Musicians: David Grier - guitars, Casey Campbell - mandolin, Dennis Crouch - bass, Stuart Duncan - fiddle, John Gardner - drums, Rod McGaha - trumpet, Justin Moses - banjo ( The Curmudgeon's Gait), Bryan Sutton - electric guitar, Jeff Taylor - keyboards, accordion, penny whistle, Cory Walker - banjo

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